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At Kendle Healthcare we believe that KOL relationships and engagement can transform market performance.

Kendle Healthcare

At Kendle Healthcare we believe that KOL relationships and engagement can transform market performance. We invest all our energies in helping our clients to do it well. Company founder Neil Kendle was a pioneer in opinion leader engagement. In 2003, Neil brought together a small, dedicated team to help clients develop the expert partnerships they need at all points in the product launch cycle. Over the years the business as expanded and Neil’s sons Joe and Tom have pushed it forward with new ideas, while Neil has remained offering his wealth of experience and insight. Through these changes some things have remain unchanged: Kendle Healthcare’s innovation, and their commitment to their clients.


Kendle Healthcare is dedicated to the two key elements of KOL development: finding the right people, and working with them in the right way. Kendle Healthcare’s research division conducts identification projects which deliver powerful insights into the clinician landscape in any therapy area, large or small. We take a unique and considered approach to capturing individual experts’ strengths and interests. Our findings are delivered in bespoke formats tailored to the working needs of medical, marketing and sales teams. Our methodology is complex, but our aim is simple: provide peace of mind by ensuring our clients identify the most influential individuals in any therapy area.


Kendle Healthcare’s strategy team partners with clients to design a KOL programme which gets the best from those individuals. Our strategic consultancy is built on our philosophy of long-term relationship-building.

Meet the Team


Neil Kendle

Managing Director


Neil is not just the Managing Director; he is the visionary behind Kendle Healthcare. With over three decades of healthcare consultancy experience, Neil has an unparalleled understanding of the industry’s complexities. His roles as a Medical Science Liaison (MSL) and Brand Manager have given him a dual perspective that few possess. He understands the needs and concerns of both medical professionals and marketing teams, making him an invaluable asset to our clients. Neil has been a trailblazer in the healthcare consultancy sector, pioneering many of the established industry techniques for opinion leader identification and engagement. His leadership has been instrumental in steering Kendle Healthcare to its current position as an industry leader. Neil is an avid golfer When he is not busy shaping the future of healthcare consultancy. He has been nurturing this passion for the last 25 years, and it’s a hobby that helps him stay focused and balanced.

About Joe Kendle Healthcare

Joe Kendle

Client Services Director


Joe is another cornerstone of Kendle Healthcare, with over 10 years of experience in KOL Identification and Mapping. His journey with the company began during his university days, working on Kendle Healthcare’s first-ever project. This early exposure gave him a deep understanding of the company’s ethos and objectives. After spending six years in secondary education, Joe brings a unique skill set to the table. His teaching experience has endowed him with exceptional communication skills and a calm demeanor, qualities that are invaluable in client interactions. Joe’s area of expertise lies in leveraging technology and innovation to translate into actionable client insights. He has been a pioneer in incorporating Network Mapping into key opinion leader engagement strategies. Outside of his professional commitments, Joe is deeply involved in philanthropic activities. Over the years, he has raised significant funds for various charities through endurance events, reflecting his commitment to social responsibility.

What can we help you achieve?

Our Mission and Vision


Our mission is to offer unparalleled healthcare consultancy services that exceed our clients’ expectations. We aim to be the ultimate resource for healthcare organizations looking to optimize their market performance through effective KOL engagement. Our vision is to transform the healthcare landscape, setting new benchmarks in patient care and market performance through innovative KOL engagement strategies.

Our Services and Approach

We offer a comprehensive range of services, including but not limited to KOL Identification, KOL Mapping, and KOL Engagement Strategies. Our approach is deeply rooted in data-driven methodologies. We employ state-of-the-art technology and analytics to identify and engage with key opinion leaders in the healthcare sector. Our methods are not just theoretical; they are tried, tested, and proven to provide actionable insights that drive market performance.

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