Kendle Healthcare is relentlessly focused on one thing: leveraging key opinion leader (KOL) expertise to drive improved business results and patient outcomes.

From identification to engagement, and everything in between, Kendle Healthcare helps clients to build lasting, meaningful relationships with KOLs.

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Kendle Healthcare is passionate about how industry and KOL relationships can improve patient outcomes. Every service we offer, whether you are a new to market or an established player, is designed to transform your relationships with KOLs, improving engagement and insight, and driving growth.

KOL Identification

Kendle Healthcare’s bespoke identification and mapping identifies which KOLs to work with, and when and how to work with them, transforming the effectiveness of your key opinion leader relations and ability to refine and spread your product message.


  • We deliver insight not data
  • Fully bespoke to your context
  • Brilliant after-sales support
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KOL Software

An easy to use and low-cost KOL software that ensures that each member of your team can act on Kendle Healthcare’s identification and mapping, ensuring that everyone in your organisation has the information at hand to make the correct decisions about KOL engagement.


  • Intuitive and easy-to-use
  • No per user fee
  • No expensive annual subscription
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KHC Consultancy

You’ll work alongside Kendle Healthcare’s innovative and knowledgeable thinkers who believe that KOL relationships improve healthcare. You will walk away with actionable ideas and a robust roadmap for improved insight and influence.


  • Empathetic and knowledge-based strategy
  • Advice beyond the end of the project
  • Actionable plans to transform engagement
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What our customers say


The team at Kendle Healthcare pioneered opinion leader development and remain clear leaders in opinion leader identification and relationship building.

Andrew Kay
Chairman of the Board, NuCana plc, Nerre Therapeutics Ltd, and Blueberry Therapeutics Ltd.

Kendle Healthcare have the uncanny ability to see straight into the heart of any issue and come up with a communication plan that is both simple, eloquent and easy to implement

Imanol Echevarria
VP Global Head of Marketing, Pharmaceutical Product Development

It can take years to build relationships. KOLs appreciate Kendle Healthcare's thoughtful, personal and consistent approach. In addition, they're fun to work with! I presume that's why they're still around at the top of the game.

John Haughney
GP, Associate Director of Glasgow Clinical Research Facility & former President of the International Primary Care Respiratory Group (IPCRG)

A sustainable business based on relationships and KOL engagement must go beyond the ‘transactional’. Kendle Healthcare do exactly that! Not only providing exceptional insight and understanding of the healthcare environment but the willingness to support the project fully, even if that involves further advice and support beyond the project timeline. Personable, knowledgeable and efficient; a pleasure to work with.

Simon Williamson
International Sales and Marketing Manager at Clement Clarke International Ltd

Kendle Healthcare are a bit different. They take the time to properly get to know and understand KOLs, in order to develop an honest mutually beneficial working relationship. They are also efficient and friendly, taking the pain out of the bureaucracy.

Professor David Singh
University of Manchester, and Chair of the European Respiratory Society airway pharmacology group

Kendle Healthcare bring to any communications challenge a rare ability both to think strategically and deliver on the detail

Colette Goldrick
Executive Director Strategy and Partnerships, ABPI

Kendle’s recent key opinion leader workshop was extremely valuable, motivating and thought-provoking.

Michal Konstacky
Strategic Medical Leader, Luzsana Biotechnology

For over twenty years, Kendle Healthcare has been trusted to deliver insightful expertise, great value, reliability, and superb after-sales care.

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