Working with KOLs

We advise and support our clients in building KOL engagement programmes. When it comes to individual activities, our involvement can be as extensive as your needs require. From briefing speakers before a meeting, to creating and facilitating the entire event on your behalf, we have a wealth of experience.

Advisory Boards and other Meetings

Approach a single expert with a commercial problem or product usage question, and you can hope to gain a useful individual perspective. Convene a well-organised advisory board and you may receive insights broad and deep enough to inform launch strategy for an entire pipeline portfolio.

Strategic meetings require strategic preparation, and Kendle Healthcare has earned its reputation for producing small-group sessions which deliver on their objectives. We have years of experience in designing and managing our clients’ events, and our expertise extends far beyond logistics. Whether the subject is pipeline analysis, life-cycle management or message development, our goal is the same: to ensure that all the elements are in place for a focused discussion which brings the client clarity on the question at hand. We design meeting agendas to engage all participants and produce optimal clinical and commercial insights. We support guests before the event, ensuring they have any preparatory materials they need to contribute effectively on the day. Above all, we take the personal approach: we go the extra mile so that all participants feel supported and valued.

Kendle Healthcare is an industry-leading specialist in advisory boards, and can stage small-group sessions to meet a range of strategic needs:

  • Scientific advisory boards
  • Commercial advisory boards and expert panel meetings
  • Message development workshops
  • Task force meetings
  • Steering committee meetings
  • Investigator meetings


The growing difficulty in attracting healthcare professionals to company-organised or sponsored events makes it vital to maximise the value of each event. Success depends on understanding what will draw an audience, capture and retain its interest and increase its receptivity.

We ensure that all speakers are active participants in crafting the information they impart, not just a passive faculty of ‘hired guns’ there to give a talk. Our close collaboration with the experts allows us to deliver powerful commercial messages that are based firmly in the science. Presentations are fully compliant, yet impart ideas that resonate.

We offer a comprehensive event management service that can encompass some or all of the following:

  • ABPI compliance and guidance
  • delegate research and management
  • speaker training and briefing
  • programme planning and design
  • medical education and communication materials
  • logistics organisation
  • venue research, on-site coordination, and staging
  • liaising with vendors: A/V, staging, lighting, and décor

Whether you are planning a promotional or educational meeting; a sponsored symposium at a congress or a stand-alone event, we can help you organise it, create the right impression, and ensure the events are aligned with your overall product needs.

Medical Education Materials

We are a specialist consultancy: the healthcare sector is our business. Our extensive experience in dealing with the medical community enables us to develop strategic communication and education material with the HCP perspective in mind.

We take pride in producing materials to the same exacting standards which set our consultancy services apart. We engage appropriate KOLs to ensure we present relevant and accurate data in thought-provoking formats designed to resonate with your audience.

Whether intended for stand-alone or integrated use within a wider communications programme, all our materials are ABPI-compliant and tailored to your KOL objectives.