KOL Mapping & Identification

If you don’t know your therapy area’s key opinion leaders, how do you decide whose expertise to trust? How do you determine which clinicians are respected by their peers? How do you identify the most talented collaborators for clinical trials, advisory boards and peer-to-peer programmes?

In a fast-paced and complex industry, it’s impossible to overestimate the value of a thorough, systematic and objective mapping of KOLs by people who really understand your needs. Kendle Healthcare’s expert identification team will help you to map your key opinion leaders in any therapy area, major or niche, whether you’re in Pharmaceuticals, Diagnostics and Devices, Nutrition or the non-profit sector.

KOL Mapping & Identification

Whether you need to identify experts in a new field, validate your current expert database, or find the latest digital opinion leaders – we can help. We don’t rely on a centralised database of KOLs, and the insights we provide are never off the shelf: our team of researchers uses bespoke methods, tailored to the needs of each project, to distill the mass of data on complex therapy areas into meaningful intelligence our clients can use.

We combine an unrivalled level of detail in data collection with analytic systems developed in-house to interrogate the data according to each client’s unique objectives. We have years of experience in identifying experts in both mature and emerging markets, and will work closely with you to establish criteria specific to your brand, campaign or event.

We are the experts on experts.

To discuss your intelligence requirements or speak to us about any of the following:

  • KOL Identification
  • KOL Profiling
  • Digital KOL Identification and Profiling
  • Rising Star Identification and Profiling
  • Network Mapping
  • Stakeholder Mapping
  • Advocacy Analysis
  • Competitor Affiliation Analysis

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KOL Profiles

Knowing your key opinion leaders is only the first step to expert engagement: after you identify the shakers, you need to understand how they move. Kendle Healthcare offers a tailor-made, individual profiling service for in-depth insight into the work of each expert, to help you better understand how you can work together. Our profiles capture:

  • interests and expertise, including recent grants and recent shifts in research focus;
  • publication scope and frequency;
  • collaborator networks;
  • positions of influence – committee memberships and advisory roles;
  • contact details.

Our approach and practices will comply with your local data protection legislation and bring your experts within a phone call or e-mail’s reach.


KOL Network Mapping

Network mapping can reveal much more than the collaborative links between individuals in a therapy area; it’s a powerful tool with which to understand your clinical landscape and make informed business decisions for the future of your brand.

Every therapy area is unique. Is the clinical community dense or sparsely clustered? Are influencers grouped by geography or by interest? Do you really need to work with 100 KOLs, or will a carefully considered 25 meet all your needs? And, crucially – where do you fit within that network? Let us help you build KOL strategy based in network intelligence. Our expert analysis can pinpoint:

  • The individuals who are best connected, nationally and locally
  • Individuals best placed to distribute brand messages
  • KOLs who bridge and connect clinical communities
  • The most effective regional distribution for your KAM resources
  • How to tailor your advocacy-building strategy to different KOL groupings
  • Rising stars of the future.

“The team at Kendle Healthcare pioneered opinion leader development and remain clear leaders in opinion leader identification and relationship building.”

Andrew Kay, President & CEO, Algeta ASA