KOL Engagement

A successful product needs the help and support of external experts for advice and guidance at all stages of its life cycle. We can help you plan and implement engagement programmes that develop strong, mutually respectful working relationships with KOLs.

Advocacy Programmes

If you build a better mousetrap, the world DOESN’T beat a path to your door – the world needs to be told about it, and in sufficient detail to fully grasp your product’s benefits. Paradoxically, in these days of evidence-based medicine, the support of KOLs with a thorough knowledge of your product and its place in therapy is more important than ever.

Whether your need is for a pre-launch KOL programme; go-to-market advocacy; or support for a mature brand, we will help you plan effective and compliant engagement programmes with an emphasis on partnership between you and your chosen KOLs.

“Kendle Healthcare are a bit different. They take the time to properly get to know and understand KOLs, in order to develop an honest mutually beneficial working relationship. They are also efficient and friendly, taking the pain out of the bureaucracy.”