Let us help you design a KOL programme that serves your unique business needs, complements your way of working, and maximises your resources. We bring a deep understanding of KOL best practice which, when married to your knowledge of the therapy area, can revolutionise the way you work with external experts. Whether your need is for an enterprise-wide re-evaluation of the company’s policies and processes for engagement, or a go-to-market advocacy development programme, we can deliver insights and support which translate to real value for your brand.


As-is situation analysis

There’s a lot of truth in the cliché: to get where you want to go, you must first understand where you are now. Kendle can provide an objective, detailed and transparent analysis of your current practices and needs.

Strategic guidance

We will work with you to develop a situation-specific understanding of your capabilities and needs, a KOL strategy for all phases of the product life-cycle, and all the tools you need to put that strategy into action. However you want to work with us, we can promise a creative, enjoyable process that best serves your interests.

“Neil brings to any communications challenge a rare ability both to think strategically and deliver on the detail”

Colette Goldrick, Northern Ireland Director, ABPI

“Neil has the uncanny ability to see straight into the heart of any issue and come up with a communication plan that is simple, eloquent and easy to implement”

Imanol Echevarria, Global Therapy Area Lead (VP) – Anti Infectives, Pfizer

KOL Programmes

We have a successful track record in producing programmes to help you develop strong working relationships with external experts, geared to your specific business need: input into clinical trial programmes; strategic or commercial advice; partnerships in educational initiatives; or support for your product at launch and beyond.


Effective KOL engagement is one of the essential platforms for Pharma and healthcare company success. Despite that, little specific training is given to the personnel involved. Kendle Healthcare has been filling this gap for more than 10 years.

Our training programmes don’t teach ‘The Kendle Healthcare Way’ of undertaking KOL engagement. Rather, they impart fundamental principles and examples of best practice, and help individuals and teams to work in a way consistent with their company’s culture, structure, resources and needs. Our workshops vary as much as our clients do.

Increasingly, we find our clients feel best supported by a combination of workshop and strategic planning sessions: we provide engagement training while helping them to plan real-life KOL brand programmes.

“Kendle’s recent key opinion leader workshop was extremely valuable, motivating and thought-provoking.”