Advocacy Planning

Kendle Healthcare can help you to develop a systemised and human advocacy strategy that will make the most of your resources and deliver big results. We bring a deep understanding of KOL best practice which, when married to your knowledge of the therapy area, can revolutionise the way you work with external experts. Whether your need is for an enterprise-wide re-evaluation of the company’s policies and processes for engagement, or a go-to-market advocacy development programme, we can deliver insights and support which translate to real value for your brand.

We will work with you to develop a situation-specific understanding of your capabilities and needs, a KOL strategy for all phases of the product life-cycle, and all the tools you need to put that strategy into action. However you want to work with us, we can promise a creative, enjoyable process that best serves your interests.

“Kendle Healthcare bring to any communications challenge a rare ability both to think strategically and deliver on the detail”